Carrie Underwood

I first saw Carrie Underwood, on American Idol like a lot of people did. I don’t like American Idol, and I think it represents the worst aspects of music today. Literally musicians being auctioned off, by phone vote and some questionable judges. My wife loves to watch the show, so that’s my excuse for watching and I’m sticking to it. a blind man could see that Carrie Underwood is drop-dead gorgeous, and there is something extra special when a physically beautiful person manages the belt out a song as good as any in the industry. If I’m going to listen to country Western I’m going to listen to the female artists, and the male guitar players. That’s just the way it is with me. the men in country-western very often look and sound like the stereo- typical deep South redneck, poor, undereducated and so on. There was no doubt the minute Carrie opened her mouth and began to sing, that this girl was the real McCoy, if you’ll excuse the expression. Well she has certainly gone on to prove me right since 2006 hasn’t she? Authentic and stunning, and probably the best graduate of American Idol, to date, in my opinion.
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