Avril Lavigne

I got to see Avril Lavigne, back in August 2005, and am not a fan in particular, but I thought she was doing some really respectable pop rock music. Just well produced songs, very good lyrics that could tell a complex story and still leave the hook intact. It’s not easy to write good pop music, for the same reason it’s not easy to write good music at all. So she was famous and I wanted to get a couple shots, who wouldn’t? Her tough girl persona seemed completely bogus to me, because I know a tough girl when I see one, or a tough guy for that matter. I smelled creative marketing, and from what I saw Ms. Levine was Ms. Softy. Just the sweetest personality, big gorgeous smile with imperfections that only made her more interesting. She seemed to be having a great time and all the while managed not to forget her rehearsed hand gestures, guitar moves and the big long number one sign up in the air. No devil hands from what I remember… not this time. I was actually pretty impressed that this young lady was on the stage and acting like a seasoned professional well beyond her years. She’s had a fairly long career without too many public issues, and she still comes out with a good song every now and then, so kudos to Avril. At least she has enough guts to put a little edge on her pop, and she seems to surround herself with decent musicians. No bad words from this guy about Avril. If you are into pop music, She’s done a good good job so far. In fact it’s probably time for me to review her latest and greatest. Good luck to her in the future!
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